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How to Camp in Your Car

Learn how to camp in a car from Heather Menicucci, author of Let's Get Primitive: The Urban Girl's Guide to Camping, in this Howcast video.


The thing about car camping is that it's easy. Car camping you don't need really to be as concerned about what you pack and what you bring because A, you can absolutely over pack because you've got a car bringing all that stuff to the campsite. And if you forget anything, it's also not a big deal because you can hop in your car and run to the store and get it. So, car camping is a really good beginner trip. It's also great if you have kids.

So, since packing isn't a really big issue with car camping. The best tips I think anyone can offer with car camping are really about etiquette. When your camping with your car you're probably going to a place where there is a lot of camp sites all around you. So, you just want to be respectful of the other people that you're camping with. And you want to make sure you follow the rules of the campground that you're going to.

Campgrounds usually have a lot more rules then national forests or state parks. There can be rules regarding alcohol. Some campgrounds don't allow any. There can be rules regarding camp fires. There's a lot of different things that you should be aware of and just make sure you follow those rules.

The other thing is, try not to set up on top of anyone else. Try to not scare everyone else. You know if you're kind of really exposed and so is everyone you're camping with. And so you just kind of have to give them visual privacy by mentally setting these boundaries around your camp area.

But with car camping, you know it's pretty easy. It's a great inexpensive trip to take. It's great for beginners because you don't have a lot of the challenges of primitive camping and hiking into a campsite. And it's fun. And I think really he biggest thing with car camping is to just be aware of the rules of the campground. And also just be respectful of your neighbors because you're definitely going to have them.

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