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How to Pack a Camping First Aid Kit

Learn to pack a camping first aid kit from Heather Menicucci, author of Let's Get Primitive: The Urban Girl's Guide to Camping, in this Howcast video.


The question always comes up, what did you pack in your first aid kit for camping, and I sort of have two beliefs with first aid kits. First, I trust R E I, and E M S, and Patagonia and Coleman. So if there's a first aid camping kit, they put out that's the one I have. I just think they know what they're doing, rather than trying to stock and create your own, trust the professionals.

The other thing with first aid when you're camping is that if it's something more than a little scrape, or a slight rash, or a little stomach ache, or a headache, I say pack it all up and head home. So my first aid kit is pretty minimal, I've got Neosporin in case I do get a cut I can fight any kind of infection, I've got band aids, I've got Advil, aspirin, stomach stuff, so like Pepto.

Your stomach might act differently when you're out in the woods because you're not going to have the normal things that you usually eat and drink, so your stomach might act weirdly, so I like to have stomach stuff.

I think alcohol swabs are really nice because if you do get a cut you can wipe it with alcohol, if you brush up against poison ivy you can wipe it with alcohol, so alcohol swabs are really great too.

But when it comes to first aid kits, I think the basic stuff you have in your medicine cabinet that you use regularly is important. If you want to be a little safer buy a first aid kit from one of the camping supply stores, and beyond that I think if anything happens to you while your camping pack it up and go to a doctor.

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