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5 Tips on Cutting Hair Short for the 1st Time

Learn some tips on cutting hair short for the first time from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast short hair tutorial for women.


So I wanted to go over a couple of tips that I have for cutting your hair short for the first time. I think one of the biggest mistakes women make when they cut their hair short for the first time is they get a little bit intimidated. They start thinking about cutting their hair short and what usually ends up happening is they don't cut it short enough. So they choose what they think is a safe, like a safe length, and then they cut it to that length.

Well, what you're going to do after you get your haircut is you're going to feel like you're safe. I think if you're worried about feeling like a soccer mom or too old for your age, be really considerate of that within the length that you choose. I would say if you're going to cut your hair short, just go for it. Trust your stylist. Talk to her about how you want to style it. Go in with lots of pictures.

If you know the celebrity, for example, that has hair that's similar to yours, whether it's texture or how much hair you have, or coloring-wise or if you have a similar face structure, that's a great resource to find a great haircut that would work for you. I would also suggest being really truthful about how you tend to wear your hair naturally. If you wear it curly or wavy, be sure you mention that. If you wear it straight, be sure you mention that.

I would ask for tips. As you're getting your hair styled by your stylist, don't be afraid to go, "Oh, what did you do? What did you just do there? Is there a different way that I can wear it?" Just some great tips to help you better choose a short haircut for yourself.

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