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6 Best Tools for Styling Short Hair

Learn about six tools that will help you style your short hair from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast short hair tutorial.


So some really great short hairstyling tools would be a diffuser and some beach spray. If you've never tried to add a little bit of wave or texture to your pixie cut, do try it. If you have really straight hair, I would advise putting in the beach or the textured spray on dry hair and then diffusing it. The diffuser is just that weird attachment that slips over the top of your blowdryer.

What that does is it allows it to almost freeze the hair in that same shape. So if you're able to kind of scrunch it and manipulate the hair to get a little bit of wave or a little bit of tussled curl to it, you can really use the diffuser to set that shape in place. It's really great and adds a lot of great volume and height to the hair also. So that's a really great tool, I think, if you have a pixie cut.

Some great tools if you have a longer haircut would be something like a round brush. If you've never tried to add wave to your bob, I think that's a great way to do it. Along with that, I would really suggest experimenting a little bit with curling irons.

Some things that we see a lot are tonging of the hair, which is you just point the curling iron down and you just physically wrap the hair around the curling iron, hold it in place for a couple of seconds and then release it. What you get is a curl that's very fat at the front and then it gradually gets a little bit sharper at the end, so much more of a natural curl or a wave.

So experiment a little bit with that, aside from your more traditional, like a flatiron or a paddle brush or things like that. Experiment a little bit with products. I think with both a pixie cut and a bob cut, they all need finishing.

So at the very end of however you styled it, I would take something like a polisher, or a wax or a paste, depending on the haircut, and be sure to add a little bit through the end so you've got a little texture and a little dimension within the haircut. It makes every single haircut look that much more polished. So be sure you add a finishing product to the end and those are some great tools for styling short hair.

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