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Best Short Haircuts for a Round Face

Learn about the best short haircuts for a round face from professional stylist Jo La Rosa in this Howcast short hair tutorial for women.


So, I wanted to talk about the best shortcut for a round face. First thing I would definitely recommend is, get a second opinion about if your face is actually round. Most women think that their face is round, and it's not always. A round face is not indicative of how much you weigh, or what you look like, it's literally the shape of your face.

We're not always the best judges of that, so I would definitely ask somebody else, maybe even somebody who wasn't close to you, if you had a round face or what shaped face that you would say that they had.

So, with a round face, or with any face shape, we're trying to emulate an oval face. So, a couple of different tricks to do that. If you have a round face, obviously, you kind of want to kind of elongate it. So, you can do this a couple of ways.

You can keep the hair a little bit longer so it almost drags down the face, or a really cute thing to do would be to go with a shorter cut that was tighter on the sides and had a little bit of height at the top. That'll really help draw your shape up. It'll also help you to look a little bit taller, which is always nice.

So, consider that, how to make your round face look a little bit more oval, but I would also encourage you if had a beautiful feature, to try to play that off too. So, if you have beautiful eyes, do something that highlights your eyes, or if you have great cheekbones, find something that shows those off, too.

So, those are some tips for choosing the best haircut for a round face.

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