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Best Short Haircuts for an Oval Face

Learn the best short haircuts for an oval face from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast short hair tutorial for women.


With an oval-shaped face, you have a lot of different choices. Most of the time in hair-cutting, we are trying to create the oval shape of a face, so we'll do things to elongate a round face or soften the edges of a square face. You're very lucky if you have an oval-shaped face.That means that you can usually get away with many more more choices.

Oval face shapes look great with bangs. They look great with short hair, super-short hair like pixie-length hair. They look good with almost anything. Another great thing about an oval face is you can have kind of whatever texture you want too. You can go straight and sleek, or you can have it more wavy or curly, and it's not going to add or diminish away from your oval face. It's just going to accentuate it.

So another thing that's great about having an oval face is, besides just the variety of haircut, I would consider going a little deeper. And if you have some sort of feature that you really like, I would try to play that up with a haircut as well. If you had beautiful eyes or great cheekbones, why don't you get a haircut that would suit that. So then, you already have the base to experiment and to do whatever you want, and now you're really honing in on something that you love about yourself.

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