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Best Short Haircuts for a Long Face

Learn the best short haircuts for a long face from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast short hair tutorial for women.


So the best short hair cut for a long face, I think, would be anything that adds a little bit of width to the center of the face. So I would stay away from long, straight hair styles because it's just going to drag the face down and make it appear a little bit longer. So I would get something that has a little bit of texture or layering in it that's gonna really soften up the center portion, almost stretching the face the other way.

Another great thing with a long face would be a nice bang. You could even do a really long sleek, super, super bang look, like a Zooey Deschanel bang would be beautiful, because if you think about that shortens your long face.

So you're taking away a little bit from the forehead and not accentuating that. So those are some great cuts that I would consider. Something that's going to add a little bit of width to the side of your face or thinking about adding a bang element or something to kind of diminish how long your face is.

So another thing that would be great to add a little width to a long face would be to add in some texture. So think about adding some curls or some waves into your hair style. So I would think about body instead of volume.

So you're not necessarily trying to have the biggest crown that you can get. You're actually adding more body and movement in throughout everything else. So defiantly add in some texture to your next hair cut to help with your long face.

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