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Best Short Haircuts for a Heart-Shaped Face

Learn the best short haircuts for a heart-shaped face from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast short hair tutorial for women.


Some really great short haircuts for a heart-shaped face would be, kind of anything in the bob range, that would soften the jawbone. I think that's really important when you're talking about a heart-shaped face, as sometimes the outer jaw can look really angular and sharp. So you want to make sure that whatever haircut you get. you have either the slightest bit of face framing or texturizing right around that area. to make it a little bit softer.

Another thing that I would definitely suggest would be to try out a bang. If you are a heart shape, and you have a little bit of a shallow forehead, don't be afraid to add a bang. We tend to think that a bang goes from the hairline to the brow bone, but it actually goes with the flow of your head. So a lot of times your head will start to slope at a higher angle than your hairline.

So you'll actually create the illusion that you have a fuller forehead with that, so don't be afraid to get a bang. Another great suggestion I would have would be to try a center part. A center part flows evenly on each side, and kind of nicks off again, those sharper outer jaw points. It will really soften up that frame. So those are some tips for how to cut your hair for a heart-shaped face.

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