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3 Short Hair Trends

Learn about the latest short hair trends from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast short hair tutorial for women.


So I wanted to talk a little bit about some short hair trends that we're seeing. I think that now, more than we have in a really long time, it's a great time to try a short haircut. We've seen a big revival of the pixie cut and we've seen some really modern versions of it also I think.

Some great people to look to, of course, would be, like, a Michelle Williams who has a beautiful pixie cut, or a Jennifer Goodwin has a really edgy pixie cut, even Emma Watson. We see a lot of hot celebrities right now, kind of, cutting their hair off.

It's one look that women who feel, like, they can't have short hair always covet and always thinks looks really, really interesting and edgy. If you're starting a new phase in your life I think it's a great time to try a short cut. It really helps, kind of, sometimes push you to that next level.

Another big trend that we're seeing is texture added to short cuts. So, even something like a bob we're seeing some soft waves. Even a wave that's so subtle, almost it's just a slight bend to the hair.

Another thing that I'm really noticing lately is we're almost creating little kicks and flips. So we just are focused on making the hair not look so perfect. We're really moving away from the flat iron and really moving in the direction of a curling iron or curling wand or something like that.

So those are just a couple of trends that are happening right now for short hair, whether it be a bob or a pixie cut.

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