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4 Tips for Short Wavy Hair

Learn a few tips for short wavy hair from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast short hair tutorial for women.


So I wanted to talk a little about some wavy short hairstyles. If you have naturally wavy or thick hair and you want to wear your bob or your pixie cut wavy or curly be sure and let your hairstylist know that so that they can throw in the proper amount of layers.

It's really important that you would layer curly or wavy hair completely different than you would if it was pin straight. So even if you wanted that traditional bob shape, you wanted even an a-line bob, it's really important to add some layering around the front that you typically wouldn't do if you had straighter hair. So then you get the cute silhouette of a bob but then you get all this interest and texture within from your natural curls or waves.

Same thing goes for a bob. Let them know that you wear your hair curly so that they can adjust for that. With a pixie cut you would primarily texturize it a little bit more if you were wearing it curly. You'd want to detail those ends and make them come to really soft little points. So next time you're getting your hair cut be sure and let your stylist know that you wear it wavy or curly so that you're sure to get the right hair cut.

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