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How to Style Short Curly Hair

Learn how to style short, curly hair from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast short hair tutorial for women.


I have some great tips about how to style curly, short hair. I think first of all, be sure you have the right haircut for curly hair that is short.

It needs to be layered differently than how we would layer something straighter. I think a really great thing to consider if you have a bob and really fine hair that's curly, a pixie cut looks great with a bit of texture and would make your hair look much fuller.

I would experiment with air-drying your hair versus diffusing it with a diffuser. I also would tell you, I would definitely recommend to pull out a curling iron at the end of however you choose to dry your hair, whether it's let it air dry and it be completely dry, or whether it's diffuse it. You can get a lot of control and polish to a look just by a curling iron and re-curling a couple of pieces. I do that to my hair often.

If the front is too short or some part is weird, why not get a curling iron out and re-curl whatever you need to re-curl? It will also help you get your style to last longer, so you can usually go a couple of days if you pull out a curling iron when you need it and re-adjust the hair. It adds a great bit of polish and smoothness to the hair, too. Those are some tips for having curly hair that is short.

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