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6 Short Hairstyle Tips for Fine Hair

Learn about the best short hairstyles for fine hair from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast short hair tutorial for women.


So a short hairstyle is perfect for a woman who has fine hair. I think a lot of times when we wear hair long and it's fine, it can look unhealthy or a little less put together.

Some really beautiful cuts for fine hair is the bob. A really short bob with just a little slight bevel in it makes the hair look fuller. We're even seeing more now where you would do a really strict straight bob with no layering at all. If you did do a layering, maybe it would be a little on the top that's not necessarily connected. so you're creating a fuller shape.

If you think about it our hair all naturally, when it's long, goes to this point at the ends. If you take a haircut and you cut that point off your hair is so much fuller at that point. So consider that when you're choosing a length.

Another great thing is if your hair isn't too straight, you have a little bit of wave to it and it's really fine, a pixie cut is actually a perfect choice. It'll make your hair look really full, it'll have great texture to it and movement, and there are a lot of different things you can do within a pixie, or if you have finer, kind of wavy hair, that's a great choice for you. But I think overall a short haircut is great for a woman with fine hair.

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