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How to Style a Pixie Haircut

Learn how to style a pixie haircut from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast short hair tutorial for women.


So I'm going to show you today how to style a pixie cut. She's got dry hair already. It's very, very straight as you can see. We're going to get it a little bit of texture and movement. So we're going to start from dry hair, and we're actually going to spray on a beach spray.

Beach spray is just a salty texture spray, it comes in a lot of different forms, lots of different names. Whenever you apply it to dry hair, you are going to get the most intense results, so you're going to get the most textured results. So if you have super straight hair, I would definitely recommend that. If you have curly or wavy hair, you can just use a little bit on wet hair, and it should work just fine.

You can see already that we're able to just kind of manipulate those short bits into looking like they are less straight. I'm just going to take my hand and kind of mess things around. Make sure to saturate everything. Now you could just let this air dry and see if that was enough to do it, but I'm actually going to diffuse it today.

The reason that I would use a diffuser even though she doesn't have curly hair naturally, is the diffuser just softly circulates the air flow of the blow dryer. So instead of blowing the hair all over, the hair just kind of freezes where it is, and dries in whatever shape you put it in. So we use diffusers to blow dry naturally curly or wavy hair, and I like to use it within styling too, to kind of lock in a shape that we've created.

So this is the diffuser. It's just a universal attachment to the blow dryer, and I'm going to use low air flow and high heat to set the shape. Low air flow, again, because we just want to freeze it where it's at. So you see, just by using the diffuser you just kind of freeze in that wave or curl. So her hair, even though it's very, very straight naturally, takes the curl really nicely. You can see how much kind of body and texture we got out of it.

I'm going to take something to polish up the end right now. You can use a wax, or a paste, or any kind of a polishing product. We just want to give the hair a little bit of definition, and smooth it out in certain places. It just makes the interior shape a little bit more interesting, to do something like this. Don't forget about the back, and the sides, we always forget about those.

You always want all of you hair to be the same texture. You don't want to have two kind of competing textures going on. So I'm just manipulating the hair, shinning it up a little bit making it a little bit less messy but still keeping all of that great texture in there. And that is how you style a pixie cut.

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