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8 Tips on Straightening Short Hair

Learn tips on straightening short hair like a pro from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast short hair tutorial for women.


So I wanted to give you some tips today on how to straighten short hair. Our model has a little bit of natural wave to her hair. And we're going to go for a smooth pixie look. She's got a couple of things here. She's got a couple of cowlicks. All a cowlick is, is it's the direction that your hair grows. So, she actually has two. She has one that grows up and over, so it gives her hair a little swirl here in the front and it always pushes it that way. So what we are going to do today is going to do a couple of things. We are going to do a wrapping technique where we basically will use the shape of her head to define a shape to smooth the hair. It will give it a little bit of a bend to the hair, very, very natural, not too big or puffy. But it's a great easy way to style it.

But let's begin with this hairline. I am going to take a comb. Just a regular comb. What I'm going to do is I'm going to put my brush in and then I'm going to pull it back. So all that I am doing is that I am creating a good bit of tension on the hair. And I'm going to go the opposite direction so I know that this hair wants to go this way and this hair wants to go this way. So when I get to these sections I'm going to push the hair to go in the opposite direction and then blow dry that way.

I'm actually going to section off this front just to keep it a little easier for us to work with. So we're just going to work with this front hairline and then the rest of it is pretty straight. She does not have any cowlicks throughout the rest so we will just wrap the rest of the head. So I'm going to grab my blow-dryer. One thing that you definitely need for this technique and for smoothing hair in general is you want to use the nozzle so you are concentrating the air in one place and having the most control. Verses letting the hair move around and that's your drying tool. So wherever I point my nozzle is where my brush is going.

So I've started with wet hair. I've also added a little bit of product that has a little bit of a hold. So you want to start by going into the hair and then coming back away. So you're just looping the comb onto it. So I just concentrated on blow-drying the roots. I did not really work on the ends or anything else but that. But you can see already that shape that used to want to be is no longer. It's going straight down or it's pushing the hair down.

So that's really the only area that she has a cowlick. So now, I'm going to move onto my wrapping technique. So I would recommend using the flat brush for that. But this one has flexible bristles, but you could use anything. You can use a brush that was a combination of synthetic and natural bristles. If you had frizzier hair or wanted it extra, extra shiny. And like I said, what I'm going to do is I'm going to use the shape of her head to wrap the hair around. As you can see. You want to go in every direction. So I'll go one direction and then I will go the other direction. Always following my brush with the blow-dryer.

If you find that the hair is too wet or that it is taking you too long you can always remove a little bit of the moisture just using your hands kind of rough drying it a bit before you get started. A lot of people can just get away with just doing a wrap with just their hand and disregarding the brush. So it just depends on what kind of texture you have and if you need a little bit more help smoothing it. You want to go with the brush verses your hand. But you can always start with your hand and then graduate up to the brush to finish it off.

So I just finished blow-drying the hair. If you have much curlier hair you can just focus on wrapping and blow drying the root and getting it as smooth as possible and then you could always go in with a flat iron and just kind of touch up where you needed to touch up. So that's what I would do. I would then finish up with a little bit of some sort of polishing or grooming cream. Something with a lot of shine to it just to polish up the ends. You can just smooth it all throughout. This is just a really great way to wear your pixie cut a little bit smoother.

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