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How to Tease Hair for a Messy Updo

Learn how to tease hair for a messy rock and roll updo from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast short hair tutorial for women.


So I'm going to show you how to do a messy short hairstyle. What I've done already is I've prepped the model's hair using just a really quick curling iron set on the hair.

Another thing that you could do, if you take a lot of beach spray or texture mist and then apply it to dry hair and then use a diffuser, that big attachment on the end of your blow dryer, and diffuse it, if you had fine hair you'd be surprised how much bend and movement you can actually manipulate into the hair. So try that. That could be a great base to work from. If not I would just start with the beach spray and then go from there.

So what we're going to do is we're going to create kind of a rock 'n' roll messy look. We are going to reshape her haircut, though. We're going to take away the sides and focus on a big kind of messy tousled bit in the front. So what we're going to do first is I'm going to tease the hair. A lot of people are intimidated by teasing the hair. They're afraid that they're going to do it wrong or that it's damaging. If you just do it every so often, it's not damaging to your hair. I'm also going to do it in a really controlled manner and that helps to keep your hair healthy too. I do have the beach spray already sprayed on to the hair, so that's going to give me a little bit of grip as I tease. If you tease and nothing happens, your hair is probably too smooth and silky.

So I'm going to start at this section right above her bangs and I just start teasing the hair and I'm going to tease it all kind of together. So teasing is just taking the hair and brushing it in the opposite direction that it grows. I'm just brushing against the roots. You can see it gives you quite a bit of lift.

One of the best things I think you can do if you have a bob or a shorter haircut is to kind of switch up your texture in the direction that your hair goes. I guess a complaint people have about short hair is that they get bored with it or it look the same every day. So by just doing simple little techniques like this you can really change the look of your hair up.

So I'm just randomly teasing in here. I'm also starting to, if you can see, I'm pulling hair from the back forward. So I'm going to continue doing that. I'm going to add a little bit from the side, so I'm extending past her part and just going forward with it. Another great thing about teasing it in a direction like this is you know that it's going to stay because it's been teased to do so. And right now this looks really crazy and that's good, because I'm going to go in and refine the shape from here.

So just keep teasing the hair forward, occasionally stopping to look at what you're creating, looking at the shape that you're creating. So I actually think that I've created a pretty big shape, so I'm going to take now and I'm going to start refining the sides.

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