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How to Pin Hair for a Messy Updo

Learn how to pin hair for a messy updo from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this short hair tutorial for women from Howcast.


Remember I said that this is a look that's going to be... I am going to take in all the sides make them really flat to the head and then all the focus is going to be on this wild, crazy texture that we've created. So I am just going to very lightly clip our hair up on the side just so that we can see what we are doing, and you can always add more hair so let's start with, if you are nervous about it let's start with a little bit less hair than you normally would. So I am just taking the hair and I am starting at the root and I am twisting as I go, and I am going to twist upward, and when I get it where I want it I am just going to take a bobby pin, I am going to push the bobby pin and I am going in the opposite direction that I twisted the hair.

Just go up, and then down into the hair and it holds it pretty securely; And I am just going to continue to do that, all the way around always kind of moving the hair up. And it's not one solid twist that starts at the bottom you just kind of adding hair as you go.

Very messy though,no, this is a, more of a rock and roll look, than a, you know really polished put together look. You can never use too many bobby pins so again I'm just twisting this side, all the way up.

That's very loose. If you need to, if you feel like your pins aren't secure enough, you maybe didn't use enough beach spray or texture spray to begin with you might want to remist it. Or use another bobby pin, sometimes I'll do one going down and then I'll do one going in the opposite direction so you create a little X that's going to be the strongest hold that you can get.

So now I am here with this really little hair, so I am just going to do a couple of twists and then I'm going to pin it before I move on.

So I am moving this hair, it's going up past the round of the head so it's continuing to push this hair forward. Then once you get to the side decide what you want to do with this side. I'm going to do one more section going up, and then I'm going to do this one going back and up. You could do bigger sections than this, fewer sections than this; the rest is just kind of personalizing that how you want it to be.

And I am just going to twist it up. Take a bobby pin, nice and tight, go through and check your shape. Remember that it doesn't have to be perfect. It's okay if that's messy.

And for short hair like this I like to use short bobby pins, so they are a little bit smaller than the regular bobby pins. Gives you just a little bit of extra control. And then remember we clip this side up, so I'm going to let that down.

And we'll see if we've left it asymmetrical enough.

I think that we have and you can choose to pull this forward and do it more over the eye a little bit funkier.

So this front part just looks like a huge bang, and it almost looks like you have a little bit of a pixie hair cut instead up above.

And then you can just take and refine anything inside with a curling iron if you wanted it to be a little smoother texture, you could rough it up if you wanted it a little rougher, just depends what look you're going for.

So I am just going to quickly take, and wrap my curling iron around a couple of pieces, just here and there, so there you have a messy updo for short hair.

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