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How to Waterfall Braid Short Hair

Learn how to waterfall braid short hair from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast short hair tutorial for women.


So, I wanted to show you today how to waterfall braid short hair. You should air dry your hair or put a little beach spray, something to texturize the hair, texture balm, something to give you a little grip. So, we did that. Now I'm just going to brush it out so it's less tangled.

Waterfall braid is a great style. It is just a French braid where you drop a section out and I am going to show you how to do that. Just deciding and our case I want to leave the bangs out. I think I am going to. So, I'm just going to pin them up and over to the other side. Get them out of your way. So, what I am going to do is I am going to start my French braid up at the top. When you are doing this, especially if you don't have bangs, you want to consider as you get toward the side of the head, when you want to start to dropping your pieces out. Some people like to drop them right away. I don't like to do that if you are a little sparser throughout your hairline, because I do not ever want to see too much skin pulling through.

So, generally I French braid for about three sections and then I will start dropping them out. And as we are French braiding, we are going to pull from the top, almost from the top point. So, all of our sections will come from the top. So we get a nice smooth section. We're not trying to create too aggressive of a braid. And then all of our spots on the bottom are going to come from right below our braid. So we will be leaving all of this hair out.

So starting a little lower on the head, you want to take a section. You want to separate it into three sections. And I'm going to braid a couple before I start incorporating. So now I have done like two sections. So I'm going to go ahead and start incorporating hair from the top.

Just want to pull a section into the top, cross it over the center. And then now I said to be careful around this area. So you have to decide, do you want to leave a space out? Do you want to incorporate some in? So, I am going to incorporate some in. So, I'm going to drop my first section. So what was the lowest part of my three strands, I'm going to leave out. And I'm just going to grab a little bit of hair from right underneath our braid. And that'll become our new section. Where it is in this top section, keeping it tight. Cross it over the center. Now, I have this piece again, I'm just going to just drop it out. I'm going to pick up a piece underneath it and cross that over my center, incorporating it in.

Remember you can always loosen it up afterwards. I'll show you how. Incorporate a little hair in this top section here. Cross it over the top. Now I'm at the bottom, so remember I am going to leave that section down and I'm actually going to grab a section from right underneath it and incorporate it in. You are just going to continue like this as far as you want to. I'm just going to do it kind of middle of the back of the head and then stop. So, it will just be a half style. I'll stop there.

So I'm just going to continue braiding a regular braid and then I will just take a rubber band.
You can use a clear rubber band, the tinier the better. This one matches her hair so we're going to use it. And just close up that end. I always like to kind of pull all the hair away from that section and then we're going to bobby pin it in place. And I just slip the bobby pin going in the opposite direction in with our rubber band here. And then I am going to take this hair from the top section and cover my section.

Now, I'm just going to loosen everything up. So, I'm just going to take the edges of my waterfall braid and just section them a little fuller. This is a great style for short hair. It just adds a little extra interest to your normal hairstyle. Then remember if you ever need any more stability anywhere else you can always bobby pin it in place. Her hair actually feels good. Now, I'm just going to drop the bangs and swoop them over to the side. And that's how you do a waterfall braid on short hair.

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