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How to Fishtail Braid Short Hair, Part 1

Learn how to fishtail braid short hair from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast short hair tutorial, part one of a two-part series.


I'm going to show you how to fishtail braid short hair. One thing to consider when you're fishtail braiding is that it's a looser braid and you're pulling smaller sections. Be really considerate about having the longest layers you can at that point. Traditionally, I think we see a French braid in kind of likea side braid, all braided down. Obviously, we don't have that much hair. So, we're going to do a different spin on it.

We're going to do it on the side of our model's head and we’re going to loop it back so that it looks almost like a French fishtail braid. But it's a really beautiful style, makes a big difference. She's got really cute side-bangs, so we're going to leave this side alone and do our fish-tail braid on the other side. I've already taken the liberty of air-drying her hair and adding a bit of beach spray to it. Beach spray is a textured, kind of salty spray. We are going to start where we can get the most hair.

I'm basically going to take this whole section from the top of her ear to the top of her part line, just smoothing it out with my hands. Now, a fishtail braid is a two-section braid. You're going to take that section and separate it into two. Now what you do is, you’re going to take a tiny bit of hair from the back side of one side and cross it over the front, and join it with the other. You're just going to keep doing this all the way down the hair. Again, I'm going to take a small section of hair from one side, criss-cross it over to the other side. I'm going to take a small section from the other side and do the same.

Now, you can see we have our first cross. We're just going to continue doing that the whole time. We can always loosen it up, but you want to keep it as tight as you can in these first few rounds here. A fishtail braid is fun because it's a nice, flat braid. It's not a big, beefy braid, so it's great to do it on the side of your head because it will keep the hair there really flat. When it's down, it kind of looks like a woven braid.

These kinds of braids look great with girls that have highlights or a natural blond. Our model has subtle highlights in her hair that you can see throughout the braid. That's it, you're just going to keep going little section after little section. You can make different size sections too, to create a more varied look. The braid looks really tiny now, but we're going to fatten up and I'm going to show you how to do that.

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