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6 Pixie Cut Styling Ideas

Learn six pixie cut styling ideas from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast short hair tutorial for women.


So I wanted to give you some tips about different ways that you can style a pixie cut. I think some really cool things to do would be to play with texture. So you could do a really soft and gentle wavy look using a diffuser to spring up some natural curls, even throwing an oil texture spray, getting maybe a beachy look.

Then you could also go and try kind of a rock 'n' roll look, which I would attribute to be super straight or if you have like a long bang and you do a pompadour back, you can add a little bit of that curl in but it's a very, full big shape.

And then you can always parlay that and do kind of like a Twiggy inspired look, something very sleek and smooth looking.

So have a little bit of fun and experiment with different ways to style your pixie cut.

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