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How to Style Short Punk Hair

Learn how to style short punk hair from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast short hair tutorial for women.


So I'm going to show you how to do kind of a short punk rock set. So we're going to take, her hair's really smooth and natural, and we're going to punk it up. We're going to give it some height. One of the best ways that you can do that with short hair would be a flat iron.

So you're going to take the hair, you're going to hold it straight up and you're going to flat iron up, and as you can see, it helps it to stand straight up. So we're going to do that all throughout and it's going to look a little crazy at first, but then we're going to mess it up, put some product in there, texturize it a bit. Now I'd like to use a comb when I'm using a flat iron. It just helps it stay a little bit better.

So what you're going to do is use the comb to hold the hair, flat iron it straight up and then let it cool in that position. It's giving you a little lift at the root and you'll notice when we go to our next step it really helps to lift it up.

So now I flat-ironed all throughout everything so all of my pieces are very, very straight. Only a couple are standing up so we're going to really amp that up. I'm going to take section by section, the same way that I did before, and I'm going to use this. This is Tease. It's a texturizing root powder. There are other kinds like it. And this is a powder form, so I'm just going to shake it on the roots, and it really gives the hair the feeling of a tease, without actually having to tease it. So it gives you a little bit more lift than you would normally have.

A good thing to remember too, with short hair, is that sometimes it's got to look really crazy and messy before it can look really good. We're usually trying to get as much texture and movement in short hair as we can, and then taking, as a last step, and just polishing it up and making it do what you want it to. So I always like to groom it so that it's really, really big and then pare it down from there.

You could also use a beach spray or another kind of texturizing product to get the texture in there. With the beach spray, you might want to spray the beach spray on before you flat iron. Or you might, if you have really straight hair, you can use the beach spray and a blow dryer and just blow it straight up.

So now that you have it so big, you're going to start moving it in the directions. So I think I'm going to start veering everything in this direction. So, I don't want everything to be straight down the middle. I want it to cascade over to the side. So now that I have all that product in the hair and it's texturized, it's pretty easy to manipulate and move over to where I want it to be. Definite rock and roll feel to the hair. Add a little bit more tease in the back. I think that's one area that gets left behind. It really kind ofcompletes the look.

And then I'm going to take a polishing cream or a wax or a paste or something like that and I'm going to add my definition and texture in there. So now I'm just kind of picking up the ends. Lifting them up, pulling them up, twisting them. I sometimes do this with my hands. So I'm just taking it and rubbing it back and forth, and just keep playing with it and manipulating it, until you get it to do what you want it to do. And I always say, don't forget about the sides.

Always put a little bit of product in the sides and start manipulating that also. You never want the top of your hair to be a texture and the bottom to be a different texture.

And that is how you create a punk look on short hair.

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