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6 Bob Cut Styling Ideas

Get some ideas on how to style a bob cut from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast short hair tutorial for women.


So a couple of great ways to style a bob would be to play up your texture. Change it from sleek to curly even go a little bit messy. I love to do kind of an updo look where you take the front of your hair and you curl it and you make it really nice and messy and then pull all the rest of the hair back or forward, really, really fun kind of party style.

Another great thing to do is, when you have a side part with a bob, try pulling back the side that you don't part to. So if you have a bang pull back the other side. Pull it back as tightly as you can so that you almost can't see any of that hair from the front. It really exaggerates that other shape, it makes it look really, really big.

Some cute things to do would be to braid that side, you could do a couple of different braids or even to twist it away. Another great thing to try would be to do an updo. Even if your hair is really, really short on the bottom you would be surprised what a couple of bobby pins will help you achieve.

It kind of fools the eye when you do an updo on a bob because you can't really tell how long it is. So experiment with maybe throwing some curls in there and pinning up the back and leaving some pieces out around the face.

Another great thing to think about would be adding some sort of accessory. Add a scarf, for example, it makes a bob haircut look really, really cute, kind of a sexy Bridget Bardot look. If you have a nice soft bang in the front, toss a scarf on see what it does. Those are some of my tips for styling a bob haircut.

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