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Short Hair Bobs for Kids

Learn about some great short hair bobs for kids from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast short hair tutorial.


I wanted to talk a little bit about short hair bobs for kids. I think something to consider when you're cutting your child's hair short is what their natural texture is, especially if you kind of, with your kids, just do a wash-and-go type of style. If they have wavy hair, you want to make sure that they have a cut that's suited for wavy hair. You don't want to give your child a haircut and then have to be blow-drying their hair every morning before school. Just be really considerate of that.

I think that really blunt cuts on kids are really cute, when they have that really full shape at the bottom, especially if they have little kicks or flips here and there. Also be considerate about if you're choosing to give your child bangs or not, if it actually will work with their hair texture or if it's something that you're going to have to style. If you're willing to style it, go ahead and do it. But I would just be really careful when choosing a bob cut for your child.

Bobs are great for kids with curly hair too. You would just be sure that you layered it a little bit more than you normally would. For that I would actually recommend talking to the child itself, or maybe just being a little bit more knowledgeable about what they like about their curls. Some children, I find, wish that they had straight hair because they're at that stage where everybody just wants to look the same. They want to look like everybody else.

If they're a little bit less inclined to love their curls, I would leave them a little bit longer so it was a little bit heavier. But if they really like their curls, it's really cute to get a nice layered haircut to kind of show off how cute the curls are, especially when they're really young and they have those little baby curls. I think that would be a really cute haircut.

Those are some tips about choosing a good haircut for your kids.

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