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How to Style a Bob Cut

Learn how to style a bob cut from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast short hair tutorial for women.


So I'm going to show you today how to style a bob. We're going to work with using the model's natural texture and just kind of play with the shape a little bit.

So I've already prepped the model's hair using beach spray and a diffuser. What you could do then is, you could use this as kind of your texture to build upon. So you could always add more curls with a curling iron. You could define certain parts. Let's define this piece by her face.

If you have straight hair that's really fine, I would suggest prepping it in the same way. Just try it. See if you can get a little bit of wave. See how much you can actually manipulate your hair.

When I'm curling with a curling iron, I like to start at the root and curl down to the tip. The root needs the most heat to it because it's the newest freshest hair. The ends are always a little bit older and so it doesn't require as much heat, and it holds onto the curl much better. So it gives you more consistent curls to do it that way.

So very simply I've just refined everything around her face. And now I'm going to actually throw in a braid on this side and I'm going to take, visually, I'm going to take one whole side away. So it's almost going to look asymmetrical. And I'm going to start braiding the hair. Brush it through a little bit first. I will say too, that having a textured spray in there also helps you keep a braid in, especially if you have really fine hair.

So I'm just going to section it off into three sections. And I'm going to do a French braid, but what I'm going to do is I'm only taking sections of hair from the bottom. So I'm taking this hair that's by her face, and I'm not adding in any more hair here. And then, I'm going to travel along the hairline back, so I'm creating a really tight space here, and I'm taking a little bit of the bulk away here from the back also.

And you're just going to start adding in to the bottom, so once I hit the top of the ear there, I'm actually going to start moving the hair back behind the ear. So I'm just going to keep braiding, adding in hair from the bottom section only, leaving the top section. This is a great tip especially if you're new at French braiding. Seems a bit easier to just add in a little bit of hair as opposed to having to add in both sides.

I'm going to take this section that's on top of my braid, and I'm just going to hold it out of the way while I pin this hair. If you wanted to, you could use a rubber band first to cinch the ends, but because it's such a short little braid, you're usually fine with just using a bobby pin.

So use one going against the braid, and I'm going to use another one crossing over it. And I know that this little section of hair that I created here is going to cover everything so I don't have to worry about it being too beautiful there. So now maybe I'll refine this very top piece and be done. But what I've done is I've created kind of an asymmetrical look with her bob. I've taken one side away.

This style is especially cute if you have a side bang because it makes it more of a show, makes it a little bit fancier looking. You're really accentuating that asymmetrical-ness that a side bang gives you.

And that's just one way to style a bob.

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