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Fun Ways to Style a Bob, Part 2

Learn to create a short hairstyle using a scarf from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast short hair tutorial, part 2 of a 2-part series.


Now, I'm going to take the pieces of hair that we left out, and I'm going to actually fold them over the scarf and kind of incorporate them in, so they are going to hide part of the scarf. Taking little sections, I'm going to start here in the back. You can do a little twist before you send it back, if that helps you out. You're just going to twist it up and pin it in place.

Now, we're just going to move right along, we're going to take the next section, we're going to clip it up, bobby pin it in place. I like to use two bobby pins to make sure everything is secure, especially when her hair is so short. You can see on the side, it just kind of gives it almost a braided look on the side. Now, we're getting towards the front and we want to decide how much hair we want to leave out. I like her bangs, I like a little softness around the face, but I think I'm going to pull one more piece up. I'm going to incorporate it into the hair.

Another great thing about how we left this top piece loose, is you don't have to be too neat with your bobby pins because you know that they are just going to get covered up. We'll just continue doing that to this side also. One trick that I always suggest when using bobby pins is never open up the bobby pin. A bobby pin is only made to hold a certain amount of hair, so when you open it up before you use it, you are actually putting too much hair into the bobby pin.

This part can be really fun because you can decide which hair you want to leave down around the face, how much softness you want to get. Then I would actually add a little bit of teasing to the base here. You could do this before or after, it doesn't matter. I just want a little bit more height, kind of here in the center. I'm just combing the hair, and then combing it in the opposite direction that it lives.

Teasing is great if you have short hair. It allows you to get a lot of volume and a lot of texture in the hair. It's one of the biggest things we struggle with when we have shorter hair is how do we get it textured? It always kind of looks the same, so a tease really helps with that. And I'm just kind of teasing random spots, not trying to get too round of a shape, just trying to give it a little bit of movement at the top.

I like to keep a little part in the hair. We already parted it on this side. I'm going to keep that as opposed to making it a perfectly round silhouette. I don't want it to have a 1950's feel. I want it to be a little softer than that, so I'm not going to make it too perfect, is what I'm saying. So that's just a really fun style to do with a bob.

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