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How to Do a Bob Hairstyle with Side Bangs, Part 2

Learn how to do a bob hairstyle with side bangs from stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast short hair tutorial, part two of a two-part series.


Alright, so now I'm going to grab a curling iron and just finish off this side. I'm actually going to add a little bit of wave to this side, and then I'm going to pin the other side. So this is about a one-inch curling iron. One thing to remember when you're curling hair, especially short hair, is you want to avoid getting little dent marks, and so what I do is I try to hold my curling iron really, really loosely. I'm not clamping it down tightly. One thing that I always think of is I put myself in the mind frame that I'm a ballerina, and I'm trying to hold it as elegantly as I can.

So what I'm going to do is I'm just going to take this kind of top portion here, this temple section, and I'm going to pull each piece straight out to the side, and I'm just going to curl it away from the face. I like to start at the root and work my way down to the tip.

Traditionally, we would start at the end and work our way up, but the reason that this works a little bit better is that the hair is the softest at the root, and so it needs a little bit more time to be heated up. And the ends tend to be the oldest part of our hair and take the curl really quickly. So you get a more even curl if you do it this way.

So now that I've curled that top section, I'm going to curl this bottom, and I'm going to go in the opposite direction. I'm going to go towards us, again starting in the middle, just heating it for a little bit, ignoring the pieces on the top. We get a really nice shape in there. Really run your hands through it, and you can touch up anything that you need to touch up in the bangs that way, too. Again, super, super light touch. Sometimes you just need to touch up a little end piece, just trying to give the hair a little bit of movement over to the side. I like these kind of little wild bits here.

So now I'm going to take it, and I'm going to bobby pin the other side really tightly to the head. And again, I'm just doing that because it's really going to emphasize that this side is a little fuller, a little curlier. So I'm taking my bobby pins, and with short hair I like to use these really, really tiny bobby pins. They're pretty easy to find almost anywhere. They're maybe an inch long instead of two inches. These are a little bit easier to control, and they kind of blend seamlessly into the hair.

I'm just going to finish now with a light spray of beach spray. And then I'm actually going to just tousle the hair between my hands. I love using a beach spray or textured spray on short hair because it just gives so much interesting dimension to the hair, so instead of just seeing a silhouette of the hair, you see very interesting details with it. But you could use your favorite paste or smoothing wax to get the same effect. And then just situate it where you want it. And that's a cute style that you can do with a side bang and a bob.

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