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How to Do a Short Bob Hairstyle for a Wedding, Part 1

Learn how to do a short bob hairstyle for a wedding from stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast short hair tutorial, part one of a two-part series.


I'm going to teach you today how to do a really cute hairstyle that would be great for a wedding. Our model just has a bob. It's got a lot a lot of layers in it, but it's a cute little bob shape. We're going to take it and we're going to put all of the hair up and give the illusion that she has much longer hair. This style would also work great if you had more of a traditional bob where most of the hair was one length, or just slightly beveled around the edges.

I'm just starting with her natural texture. We're going to do a twist French braid all the way around her head. I'm just going to brush her out a little bit. I've also added a little bit of beach spray to the hair so that it has a little bit of a grip to it. You could use any texture spray that you had. I'm going to start right at her part, and we're going to take two sections. I'm going to take this first section and I'm going to separate it into two pieces, and I'm going to twist.

Every time I twist, whatever section is closest to the next section I'm just going to add in a little bit more hair. The hardest section is always the bangs. Once you get through this, the rest is really quite easy. Remember, whatever section is close to this next section, that's the one the gets the hair. The section that I'm taking is almost from the very tip of the head all the way down.

A great modification of this style would be to just twist the bangs if you were trying to grow out some bangs. It's a great technique to give you a little bit of a varied look. Then actually, because her bangs are so short, I'm actually going to pin right now before I get started. The bobby pin there is just going to allow you to have a little bit more stability and be able to quickly move along, going to work right around her hairline. I lost a little bit of the bang here, but don't worry, we're going to pin it in later. We're just continuing to twist the strand above the ear. Remember I'm just pulling in from the bottom. I'm not pulling in from the top, so it's still nice and loose at the top.

Alright, I'm about to get to a really short section of hair, so I'm just going to pin it again, just to give me a little added stability throughout. What I'm actually going to do is I'm going to start twisting on the other side and I'm going to meet back here in the center.

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