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Dishonored Walkthrough Part 6 - Chapter 2

Check out part 6 and become the ultimate assassin in this first-person stealth title from Arkane Studios, Dishonored.


Samuel: This is the Hound Pit's Pub. Closed for business and half the district's marked off as dead from the plague. We're right under the Lord Regent's nose and he don't know a thing.

Of course if anyone finds out what we're up to, we watch, we break in with swords drawn. And now that you've escaped, the Lord Regent's going to be tearing the city apart.

Take you up to meet Admiral Havelock and the rest of the Loyalists. The Admiral is a man to be reckoned with. If anyone can help you find that missing girl Lady Emily, and clear your name, he can.

I expect they're hard at work in there. Let's join them. They'll help you get whoever really killed the Empress.

Admiral Havelock: We can continue this later Lord Pendleton. The man of the hour is here. Corvo, I'm Admiral Havelock. A true servant of the Empire, like you until the Lord Regent purged those of us who wouldn't recognize his claim on the throne.

Lord Pendelton: And I'm Lord Treavor Pendleton. I represent the nobility in our little group. But we all are like equals here at the Hound Pit's Pub.

Admiral Havelock: This is a momentous occasion Corvo. I'm going to come out. We've been building a coalition of Loyalists aimed at ending the Lord Regent's tyranny and restoring the throne.

Lord Pendleton: At risk of execution, we're committed to finding young Lady Emily and seeing her crowned as Empress.

Admiral Havelock: We've got big plans, but we can't do any of it without you. We need you skills, your ability to fight. And in helping us we're going to help you destroy the men who murdered the Empress.

Lord Pendleton: Sorry, you must be exhausted. We can discuss this further after you've recovered. But before you retire you should introduce yourself to Piero. He's challenging at times, but his industrious mind buys him that right.

Admiral Havelock: Yes Piero's as much an artist for this type mission. He's going to be crafting the gear you'll need. Go talk to him and then get some sleep. We can talk more when you've rested.

Good to have you with us Corvo. Nothing against the others but there's no substitute for a man who's done his service for the crown.

Have you talked to Piero yet? He made the weapons we left for you on your way out of [inaudible 00:03:36] prison. Go see him when you can.

Piero: I'll be crafting your weapons and gear, all custom made. For you I will create the tools for the master of disaster.

No! This cannot happen now. The tank of whale oil is running.

Will you get a new tank from upstairs please while I hold this in place. Be careful. Oil is unstable. When it explodes there's a terrible mess.

Perfect. Now plug it in.

Perfect. Thank you Corvo. Here, see. The assassin's mask. You're a wanted man so everyone in the city knows your face. This mask will leave terror to many. Just hold still. The fit must be precise. There. Can you see normally? The lense out of alignment. There. Better now? I could create more for you. Upgrades for your gear, weapons, munitions, but our situation here is desperate. Scavenge the city for valuables and I will sell them on the black market. That should give us the money to craft the things you need. Tell me what I can make for you.

Samuel: I once served under Admiral Havelock. Captain Havelock then. I don't know if he remembers me, but I fear it's rude to ask. I don't want to embarrass him.

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