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Dishonored Walkthrough Part 8 - Chapter 2

Check out part 8 and become the ultimate assassin in this first-person stealth title from Arkane Studios, Dishonored.


Outsider: Hello, Corvo. Your life has taken a turn, has it not? The empress is dead. Her precious daughter Emily is lost somewhere in the city and you will play a pivotal role in the days to come. For this I have chosen you and drawn you into the void. I am the Outsider and this is my mark. There are forces in the world and beyond the world. Great forces that men call magic. And now these forces will serve your will. Use this new found power, my gift to you. Come find me. And the days that follow where trials will be great, Corvo. Seek the ancient rooms bearing my mark in the lonely places of your world and that shrines raised in my name. These rooms will grant me powers beyond those of other men. To help you find these rooms I give you this. The heart of a living thing molded by my hands. With this heart you'll hear many secrets and it will guard you toward rooms no matter how they may be hidden. Listen to the heart now and find another room.

Woman: This place is the end of all things and the beginning. All of time is meaningless here, neither seconds nor centuries.

Outsider: How you use what I have given you falls upon you as it has to the others before you. Now I return you to your world but know that I will be watching with great interest.

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