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Dishonored Walkthrough Part 9 - Chapter 2

Check out part 9 and become the ultimate assassin in this first-person stealth title from Arkane Studios, Dishonored.


Woman 1: Somewhere in the basements below. How kills how, and money changes hands.

Woman 2: Should I clear space for Samuel then?

Woman 3: If you like, but he won't use it.

Woman 2: Why?

Woman 3: He can't sleep in a regular beds anymore. Well, that's what he says. He says he was in the navy too long. Do you believe it?

Woman 2: Oh.

Woman 3: That pile of wood out there, it's a hal bully built from an old rowboat. Where does that old Havelock find these people I wonder? I had a sailor for a boyfriend once. He thought he'd start gold digging in the Pandisian Cliffs. They found a ship drifting empty.

Admiral Havelock: Well, let's get to it. First off, I know that assassination is dark business but sometimes good men have to do bad things to make the world right. Our purpose is clear. If you want to restore her majesty's line by finding and putting Emily Caldwin on the throne. To those ends, we'll hide. Act in shadows. Take them apart piece by piece. Tonight I oversee your Campbell die by your hand. It won't be easy. He's protected by his overseers, an army of religious zealots. But if anyone can do it, you can. Your exploits are legendary. Campbell carries a private journal. Once you eliminated him get the journal because we think it contains Emily's location. Recovering her is obviously critical assuming she's alive. Let's adjust to it. Remember our cause and strike through. We're counting on you. Another thing. Campbell is holding a former overseer by the name of Martin. He's one of us. And if you manage to find him, give him whatever help you can. He's a master strategist and he got caught working for our cause. It would be good to have him back here to help us.

Woman 1: Such a laughter. And they are singing the old songs, linking arms, but that was from a happier times.

Man 1: ...decreed that plague ordinances will remain ineffective through the month of rain. Stay alert and stay loyal.

Woman 1: Deals are made here. Sometimes under the influence of wine and sometimes the influences the point of a knife.

Chalista: Corvo, hello. I'm Chalista. I work here for Admiral Havelock. I'm sorry to intrude on your business but this is important. I suspect you're going to kill the high overseer. That wretched man. There's really no reason for you to listen to me but my uncle, Jeff Curnow still serves as captain in the city watch. But he's a good man and my only family. The chattering servant circle said that Campbell just took delivery of an exotic poison and I think I know why. My uncle is not corruptible like the rest of them. Campbell is going to poison my uncle. Do you think you could protect him? You used to do that, right? Before you had your current profession, before you became an assassin.

Samuel: Master, ready to go? Just give the signal.

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