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Dishonored Walkthrough Part 10 - Chapter 3

Check out part 10 and become the ultimate assassin in this first-person stealth title from Arkane Studios, Dishonored.


Sam: It'll be a rough trip. It used to be you go straight up Clavering Boulevard, but now it's not so easy. Half the city's dead of the plague, and the other half's fighting over what's left. City Watch still holds the bigger streets, and they've set up those Wall of Light checkpoints. A man walks through one of those, and he ends up burned to a crisp.

And everything not controlled by the City Watch is gang territory. Ah, the real odd birds living on the fringes like that Granny Rags, they say she's nuts. I don't know which is worse, just take your pick.

Male: Let's go. It's nearly midnight.

Male 2: But easy, damn it. Keep him in the boat. [inaudible 00:01:23] got enough shit in it as it is.

Male 3: ...Pass me by. All the others, down with the sickness.

Male 4: Good. Keep 'em coming. Hey!

Male 5: What is it?

Male 3: Half the city's dead.

Male 4: I think that last one was...

Male 5: Yeah, the little one.

Male 6: Not possible. I inspected them myself. Keep working.

Male 7: Well, he ain't moving [inaudible 00:01:49]

Male 8: One, two, three, heave!

Female: I can feel a great age ending.

Male 8: One, two, three, heave! One, two, three, heave!

Announcer: Attention, Dunwall citizens! John Clavering Boulevard has been designated a restricted travel area...

Female: Please, I'm a bit shaken right now. I saw some terrible things today.

Announcer: Any citizens are liable to search or imprisonment, at the discretion of the City Watch.

Male 8: One, two, three, heave!

Announcer: Attention, Dunwall citizens. This is a special announcement from our honorable Lord Regent.

Regent: This is the Lord Regent speaking. It is with regret that I announce that my term as Lord Regent has been extended through the month of harvest...

Male 8: One, two, three, heave!

Regent: ...and potentially beyond. In addition, in this continuing crisis...

Male 9: Good! Keep 'em coming!

Regent: ...the Overseers of the Abbey of the Everyman remain in service to the state, and are empowered...

Male 9: We need...

Regent: enforce order whenever and wherever necessary. We owe our thanks to the High Overseer Campbell...

Male 8: Heave!

Regent: ...for the generous loan of their services.

Male 10: Huh?

Male 8: One, two, three, heave!

Male 11: Huh? Huh.

Male 8: One, two, three, heave!

Male 9: Good! Keep 'em coming!

Male 8: One, two, three, heave!

Male 12: Huh?

Male 13: Half the block, dead from the plague.

Male 14: Better them than us.

Male 13: At least some of them had money.

Male 14: To arms! Stab you in the...

Male 15: Watch it!

Male 16: Damn you!

Male 17: That's not what we... You sure? Because you know we have to check you over. And there's an inspection fee.

Male 18: Into the void with Bottle street, into the void with you. Let me out.

Male 19: Oh, you don't want to talk to us like that. Fact is, Bottle street is here to take it's cut. So reach into your pockets, and let's get this done.

Male 17: Yeah! And the inspection fee! We can't help it. Just the way we do things on Bottle Street!

Male 20: Hey!

Male 18: Let me out!

Male 21: That bastard!

Male 22: Anyone there?

Male 23: Hey!

Griff: I owe you, brother. I won't ask about the mask. I wouldn't want my face seen either, pulling a know what? I'll return the favor. Come by Griff's shop. That's my business. Well, it was, at one time. But now I'm reduced to scavenging things from here and there, as the city dies. If you need anything, I wouldn't mind trading for a little money. Maybe someday the plague will blow over and everything will go back to normal. But until then, it's scavenging for me.

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