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Dishonored Walkthrough Part 19 - Chapter 4

Check out part 19 and become the ultimate assassin in this first-person stealth title from Arkane Studios, Dishonored.


Samuel: Havelock and Lord Pendleton are in the courtyard. I'll expect they'll want to congratulate you.

Callista: He's alive. Thank you Corvo, thank you. My uncles a good man and one day he'll prove it. Here, I know you did this for the right reasons but I want you to take this as a reward. It's an old heirloom one of my aunts gave me.

Woman: Samuel Beechwood to forget the hopeless love. He succeeded. She is Callista Curnow, she has learned to defend herself in this treacherous city. Before the sun rises they toss any casualties into the river, man or hound, they all go in.

Havelock: All the pieces are in order. You did it. Somehow you took down the high overseer Campbell against the odds. I knew you were our man, Corvo. With Campbell gone we hurt the Lord Regent immeasurably and with Martin back we'll have the finest strategist alive.

Lord Pendleton: The Lord Regent must be shitting himself in Dunwall Tower.

Havelock: Yes, and Campbell's journal let's not forget. Our hope is that in these encoded pages the location and condition of Emily Caldwin can be discovered. Our entire movement will mean nothing if we can't place the rightful heir on the throne. We must act fast, no doubt the Lord Regent is holding Emily somewhere. Waiting to reveal her, step out as the hero to further cement his Regency.

Lord Pendleton: If he doesn't bring the young lady forth soon there will be in-fighting among the nobles as to who should succeed the Empress.

Havelock: Yes, time is against us. But now you should take a well-earned rest, Corvo. We will decipher the contents of the high overseers journal and share them with you later.

Man: It is every citizens duty to report ... and actions. The state depends on you.

Havelock: Hello, Corvo. I expect Martin will be joining us shortly. I hate to start your day with such a strange manner but the servants heard something last night moving through the storm drains beneath the village. Most likely a weeper, poor bastard. There's no hope for them once the plague gets that far along. Nothing more than a shuffling corpse full of sickness and insects if you ask me. I'd appreciate you investigate, just to be sure it's not a nosy guardsman that's getting to close. Here's a key to the hatches. I send a down there but they die of fear on the spot I'm afraid. Maybe Piero can concoct some sort of sleep poison for your crossbow if you want to go that route.

Cecelia: You went down there in the sewers? I thought I heard a weeper in there earlier. You're probably the bravest man I've ever met. Overseer Martin has arrived. He is with Admiral Havelock now. They want to talk to you.

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