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Dishonored Walkthrough Part 24 - Chapter 4

Check out part 24 and become the ultimate assassin in this first-person stealth title from Arkane Studios, Dishonored.


Man: Hah! You little bastard. Trash, Gatsby.

Female: Dunsten! The Pendletons are here, you're supposed to be on duty! Come on, you're supposed to be on guard! You'll get dismissed for sure! I can't believe this! You said you weren't even drunk. Wake up!

Man 2: We know you're here.

Man: Next time, we slit his gut open. I'll find you.

Man 2: Look out. We've got a problem.

Female: They thought they would be working in a factory. By the time they arrive, it's much too late.

Morgan: That's beautiful, [inaudible 00:04:15].

Courtesan: Go on with what you were saying, Morgan.

Morgan: And so then, the vote is 43, 41 against us. But the bylaws state that the...

Courtesan: ...The Lord Regent's provision--bylaws?

Morgan: That's exactly right. They state that the conservative position gets an extra three votes.

Courtesan: But not in the month of Timber.

Morgan: Is that true? How on earth do you know that?

Courtesan: Did you think I was born a courtesan, Lord Pendleton? I was a clerk to Lord Estermont. Before.

Morgan: So what happened to old Estermont?

Courtesan: The rats did. An old sewer line lead under his office in Parliament, and one day it flooded and they all came rushing out. They say the other Lords barricaded him in to save themselves. The screams lasted hours. He...called them by name.

Bunting: Finally. I've been like this for twenty minutes. Your footsteps sound a little loud. Have you gained a little weight, honey? Now, just like last time, understand? Slowly. And only trigger the shock at my command. Get it? And the safe word tonight will be...retribution, I'd say. You hear that, you stop. One shock out of line and you are out of a job. Stay focused, please.

Ooh! Oh, ooh. Oh, that's good. I deserved that one. Shall I tell you why? The Pendletons are here, right? I'll start with them. I cheated them, robbed them of thousands. Ahh! You're ruthless. Don't hold back, I'll tell you everything. The Pendletons' inheritance was worth hundreds of thousands, at least. Told them it was junk.

Ahhh! Ah, retribution! Retribution! Ah, that was perfect. But it's all I can take for tonight. Call my servants. We're done. Ahhhh!! We're done, I said. Retribution!! Now let me out! Ahhhh!!! What the--who is this? What do you want? The safe, yes, of course. The combination is eight seven nine. Take anything you find. I think I felt my heart skip.

Man 3: We got a prowler on the loose.

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