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Health Problems Helped by Shiatsu Massage

Learn what health conditions are helped by shiatsu massage techniques from shiatsu practitioner Shandoah Goldman in this Howcast video.


Even though shiatsu is a physical modality, it's a bodywork form, the unique thing about it is that it really helps a spectrum of health complaints that you, pretty much anything you could think of. So, often people like to try this alternative, holistic route before going to a western doctor, or to support what they would be going to a western doctor for as an adjunct modality.

It really can range from carpal tunnel syndrome to PMS, to headaches, to digestive complaints, to circulation, really as well as physical complaints such as a sore knee or a pulled hamstring. So it's really holistic in that sense of working with the inner and the outer body to create the utmost health. People can find extremely effective results from receiving shiatsu for these wide range of complaints.

So, as a very unique form of bodywork, shiatsu really addresses this complete system of healing the body internally and externally and addressing a wide range of anything that's going on that feels like it's pulling you out of balance.

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