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What Should You Wear for a Shiatsu Massage?

Learn what to wear during a shiatsu massage from shiatsu practitioner Shandoah Goldman in this Howcast video.


So shiatsu is done fully clothed and this is for the reason that we're not working with oil so we don't really need skin access. It's a great form for people who don't feel comfortable getting undressed when they go for body work. So when you come for a shiatsu session we'll literally work on top of the clothes. Depending on the season you might also have a blanket over you on top of whatever you're wearing so it's really about accessing the energy pathways through pressure and that can happen very easily through the clothes.

So the recipient can wear anything that's really comfortable from loose sweat pants or yoga pants and some practitioners like you to be fully clothed in long sleeves or a T-shirt and it's important not to wear anything that's too constricting or tight around the waist. It's nice to wear socks as well and depending on the season the type of clothing that's loose and comfortable might change. Great to talk to the practitioner about that to get specifics for how they like to work. But in general just loose, comfy clothing that covers your skin.

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