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How to Give a Shiatsu Front Shoulder Massage

Learn how to give a shiatsu front shoulder massage from shiatsu practitioner Shandoah Goldman in this Howcast video.


To open up the front of the shoulders, I'm going to bring both my palms together and sit parallel to the receiver so that our navels are in alignment here. I'm going to travel one hand up the midline of the body and let it land right in that soft place on the front of the shoulder.

The second hand will just slide right over to the other side. When my hands have arrived here, I'm going to just shift my weight forward into the hands and then make a small circle, which is hand, hand, into my knee, and into my other knee. I'm moving my body in a circle, and that's creating pressure into the front of the receiver's shoulders as well as opening up the whole chest.

I'm going to transfer over and pick up this hand, and then just give a little bit of a jiggle through the nice right angle of the arm, and use my other hand to encourage the top of the shoulder to release. Placing this arm long, I'll just reach under the back of the shoulder. It's really important to work the front and the back, even though we're concentrating here on the front of the shoulder, opening up the back helps balance out the front.

One hand on the back, one on the front, just tracing some pressure down into the front as I scoop out through the whole hand, and finishing with some pressure points along the clavicle bone right up here, placing one hand in this pressure point in the front of the chest. It's a lung point, which really helps to open up the front of the shoulder. The lung meridian travels over the top of the shoulder and down the front of the arm, right into the thumb.

Scooping both my hands underneath the shoulder blade and lifting up the scapula, I'm just going to do a little rocking. Even though, again, I'm working on the back of the body, this is great to open up the shoulder and the whole front of the chest as I release, and then a little pressure, just to finish the front of the shoulder.

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