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How to Rotate Shoulder Blades with Shiatsu Massage

Learn how to rotate shoulder blades with shiatsu massage from shiatsu practitioner Shandoah Goldman in this Howcast video.


Rotating the shoulder blade with shiatsu. First you want to find a really comfortable position with your own body right next to the receiver. I'm just going to scoop one palm underneath the front of her shoulder blade and then place the other palm on the back. It's really sandwiching with my hands her whole shoulder blade, her scapula, which is this flat bone just at the back of the shoulder.

I have one foot up here to give me nice stability as I shift my body weight forward, picking up. And then all I'm doing is moving my own body weight back to create a rotation with the shoulder blade. I'm bringing it up towards her head and then scooping back down. This also creates a really nice stretch along the top of the shoulder. It can be a little bit faster, or you can rotate up, rotate back and hold.

As I'm working I want to think about how I'm holding my own body, my own shoulder blades. As you can see here my shoulders need to stay nice and relaxed so that my hands that are cupping her shoulder blade can get a nice easy rotation and release in the shoulder blade. After that I'm going to just place it down, slide the bottom hand out and then just give a nice length and stretch down the whole hand, and just maybe a couple strokes here, just to send that out.

By working on one side and then the other you can actually just see how much this has dropped just from those few cycles of rotation there. That's rotating a shoulder blade with shiatsu.

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