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How to Give a Shiatsu Scalp Massage

Learn how to give a shiatsu scalp massage from shiatsu practitioner Shandoah Goldman in this Howcast video.


Shiatsu for the scalp is a really great way to stimulate energy pathways that run right over the skull and down the back of the body.

So to start off, it's very intuitive. It's just a gentle circular motion. And I like to use the tips of my fingers, kind of like a bit of a claw-like motion, and depending on the person, it can be really firm pressure, or it can be really light and gentle.

So circular motion, really on the side of the scalp. And then you can actually feel if there's places that are holding or that feel tight, and then just send some pressure or slower circles, right into the side of the scalp. Mostly I'm using pressure into my thumb with that one.

And then I'm going to do some stroking out from the side of the head, down and kind of back. So again, with this comb-like finger, I'm going to go up and back, without pulling the hair, so it's pretty light. And then right up by the hairline, it feels great. This is a really important technique for scrubbing the brain, which really feels like your brain is being unwound a little bit. So if there's a lot of anxiety, or tension, or overthinking, this technique helps to disperse all of that.

So from the hairline, all the way down, until the back of the skull. Then you can also pick up the head, rotate to the side, and then I can just really get more focused on the side of the scalp. And this is just an up, down motion. I can also do circles, like that.

And then it's really nice to just smooth it out. It's like you're smoothing someone's hair, brushing it and bringing the head back. And then to finish just, as if it was water dripping down from the forehead, over the hair, just releasing.

Some great work for the scalp, releasing the whole brain, back of the skull, and stimulating energy pathways that start in the head and move down the back of the body.

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