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How to Use Your Forearms in Shiatsu Massage

Learn how to use your forearms in a shiatsu massage from shiatsu practitioner Shandoah Goldman in this Howcast video.


A unique aspect of shiatsu is that we use the forearm. So I'm going to show some techniques by placing the forearms on either side of the spine. I'm going to use them like they're rolling pins. So placing one still, the other one is just going to flip over and then turn over. I'm rolling my arm just facing down and facing up as I move from the top of the spine all the way down to the side of the hip.

To create the pressure I'm actually leaning on her. So if she wasn't here, I would fall. So rather than pushing I'm just placing my forearms here, leaning my body weight forward, and then rotating and rotating and rotating. That rolling technique is one way to use the forearms in shiatsu.

Another thing to do to create space between the base of the ribs here and the top of the pelvis is a fanning-like motion. I'm going to bring my wrists together here. I'm leaning forward. I'm just going to move my elbows apart. The forearms are creating this space, this torsion between the top of the ribs and the top of the pelvis. On this side as well, I can lean across her body and just opening up the space between the pelvis and the ribs, spreading out the lumbar spine.

So those are two ways to use the forearms in shiatsu.

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