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How to Use Your Feet in Shiatsu Massage

Learn how to use your feet in a shiatsu massage from shiatsu practitioner Shandoah Goldman in this Howcast video.


So this is a way that you can use feet in giving a Shiatsu session. I'm going to demonstrate, using my feet, to work on the receiver's feet as well. So, turning away from her, I'm going to place the arch of one of my feet across her arch, and use the chair here for some support, and as I shift my weight into that foot, placing my other one across the arch as well.

So, we're making a crisscross of our arches, and I'm just going to shift my weight from right to left, and this is a great way to release the arch of the foot, really awesome technique for the end of a long day, tired feet, as well it gives me a little bit of a foot massage. So it's great for both the giver and the receiver.

After shifting across the arch a little bit, I'm going to place my heel right in the ball of her foot. So my heel is going right in this indentation, if you point your foot, it's just this area right in here, the ball of the foot. So, sending my heels into that area, and I'm just going to be still, and let my weight transfer, spreading all of the bones. So there's 26 bones in the feet, and this is a really great way just to help all of those bones release, and it's also a great energy center point in the middle of the foot, so it's great for stimulating the energy up the rest of the body. So in Shiatsu, even though I'm working on one point, I'm actually working on the whole body.

And then to remove the pressure, I'm just going to hold onto the chair, and transfer the weight into the balls of my feet, so I'm just going to move off gently. Then, turning around, facing her, I'm just going to put the ball of my foot over the ball of hers, and again, holding onto the chair, and this is just shifting side to side. And this is less pressure than the last technique I showed. And then stepping off slowly. So, that's a great way to use your feet in working on the receiver's feet.

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