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How to Finish a Shiatsu Massage Session

Learn how to finish a shiatsu massage session from shiatsu practitioner Shandoah Goldman in this Howcast video.


There are many ways to finish a shiatsu session. Depending on the work that we did during the session, what's called for to end and leave the receiver with a nice completion depends. Some things that I like to do to end a shiatsu session, one is to place your hand on the hara, and the other behind the low back, and just to stay in stillness. It's great to finish a session with stillness. This just gives the receiver a sense of the front and back of their body. I might use my hands for a little while and then come down towards the feet.

I like to do a tracing of the flow of energy. Up the front of the legs is the way the natural flow goes, and down the backs and sides of the legs. I might do that three times, up the front, down the back, up the front, all the way to the feet, down the back. That just gives the giver a sense of overall flow. What we've worked on in more detail during the session comes to a completion comes to a completion. Taking the heels, just raising them a couple inches off the ground. All I'm doing is leaning my body weight back, giving them that sense of alignment and length throughout the whole skeleton. Maybe a squeeze to the bottom of the feet, to end.

Sometimes, I move up towards the head, and I'll do a gentle traction out through the back of the neck all the way up through the skull. I like to use a scarf and cover the eyes so that they can rest in darkness before they leave. Some pressure onto the front of the forehead, and then another technique to end is just to place two hands on either side of the top of the nose, and one hand on the chest, and to give a sense of length through the front of the body. And then raising the hands up really slowly, transitioning off.

I like to tell the receiver to spend a few moments on their own, absorbing the work and maybe taking a mental-mapping picture of what this sense of balance feels like, because the body has a really awesome ability to remember through muscle memory and through sensation from the touch, to integrate the work into their day or into their lives as a new experience within the body.

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