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Dishonored Walkthrough Part 32 - Chapter 6

Check out part 32 and become the ultimate assassin in this first-person stealth title from Arkane Studios, Dishonored.


Samuel: They set up a cell for Sokolov in the old kennel, shackles and everything. It'll be a shock, him waking up in the straw and old dog poop. But from what I hear, he's woken up worse places. Guess we all have, at that.

Havelock: Well done, Corvo. Well done. I doubt a dozen soldiers could have done it better. Sokolov's knowledge will enable us to strike at the Lord Regent directly, and ultimately help you get your life back. Soon, we won't have to hide in the shadows. The Royal Physcian is brilliant, but he was a fool to protect the Lord Regent. Sokolov gave us the elixir. The war machine. He could have made us a great nation. Now he pays the price for siding with a tyrant. You have my thanks, sir. If you wish to get some sleep, now is a good time.

Announcement: Attention citizens. This evening the streets adjacent to Pendleton Manor will be closed for a private ceremony following the tragic . . .

Cecelia: Corvo, I've a secret retreat nearby that may come in handy if the city watch ever kicks in the doors. It's an abandoned apartment across the street from the bar. I don't think anyone else here knows about it, but I'm guessing I can trust you. The key is stashed under my bunk upstairs. If there's ever trouble, you can go there for safety. I know I will.

So much dust. It must blow down from the upper city.

Announcement: Lady Emily Kaldwin was abducted some six months back, at the moment of her mother's terrible murder. Anyone with information leading to the location or return . . .

Emily: Corvo. You were making funny faces while you were sleeping. I decided to nap here in your room while Callista was taking her bath. She told me if there's ever trouble, I should always run here. Callista will come get me when she's done with her bath. Thanks, Corvo. It makes me feel better.

Announcement: Attention Dunwall citizens. The Ascendancy Circle has chosen Teague Martin to be High Overseer. Let us praise their choice. The Dance of Investiture will take place without delay.

Pendleton: I hope Sokolov will cooperate. I'd hope to have him paint my portrait again one day. Just me this time. It's not that I object to holding him hostage for a while, since he's been aiding the Lord Regent. But it's a shame. I always found him rather charming.

Havelock: [inaudible 00:05:09] It's time to put him to the question.

Sokolov: You're part of this rabble. But I know you have your reasons.

Havelock: Yes, he does. All we need is the name of the Lord Regent's mistress. It's very simple.

Sokolov: I elect not to tell you. You'll have to force the words from me and I warn you, my willpower is quite legendary.

Havelock: Sorry, Sokolov.

Sokolov: No. Not rats. Stop. Stop! I will tell you what you need to know. I'm obliged to safeguard Dunwall's greatest intellectual asset. I can only tell you so much. I was not permitted to see her face or hear her full name. She called herself Lady Boyle. You see, I painted her from behind. I assure you, she still makes a striking portrait. But I do not know which Boyle she is. I was to be introduced to her at a masked ball in her honor this very night, but I will miss that party, it seems.

Havelock: A masked ball at the Boyle estate. Tonight? The timing is perfect, Corvo. But the Boyles are wealthy and ruthless. So security will be very tight.

Sokolov: Of course, you already have a mask, don't you, Corvo?

Havelock: Yes. You'll be able to mingle with them once you're on the grounds. You'll have to find out which of the Boyle women is connected to the Lord Regent and take her out whatever way you can devise. We're very close now. Corvo, if you do this tonight, we'll be able to strike at the Lord Regent himself and put Emily on the throne. May the wind favor you.

Pendleton: I hear you're off to the Boyle's little bash tonight. I have just a tiny favor I'd like to ask you. Could you give this note to Lord Shaw? You'll know him. A rather brusque man wearing a wolf's mask. In fact, he may be looking for me.

Emily: Have you ever been in a sea battle?

Havelock: Of course.

Emily: Did you ever see pirates? And did you sink any?

Havelock: Of course. Dozens. But that's not for young girls to hear about.

Emily: But I will be Empress, won't I? And then I'll have to sink lots of enemy ships myself. And that's what Empresses do mostly, isn't it?

Havelock: Of course.

Emily: I knew it! I read that some pirate ships have witches aboard that can cause storms and make whales do what they want. Is that true?

Havelock: Yes. Mostly. Maybe we should be quiet now.

Emily: Very well.

Samuel: The Boyle costume ball, huh? That'll be fun. But not for everybody. You ready?

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