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Dishonored Walkthrough Part 34 - Chapter 6

Check out part 34 and become the ultimate assassin in this first-person stealth title from Arkane Studios, Dishonored.


Lord Show: Yes? Pendleton, hm? What's he got to say to me? Pendleton is a gutless, lying sack of shit. I hope he's paying you well for this. It's damned cold tonight. Hurry up.

Female 1: Another party game. It was fun.

Male 1: I hear the whole second floor is off limits tonight. Too many guests walking off with their valuables.

Guard 1: Welcome, sir. Oh, and we have a game tonight. Esma, Lydia and Waverly are wearing identical costumes in white black and red. You'll have to work out which of your host is wearing which color. Good luck.

Female 1: Oh my! It had too wicked. Who made that mask for you? It's exactly like the wanted posters!

Male 1: That's going to cast a pole over the whole evening. I think starting to enjoy myself.

Guard 2: Hello. The Boyle's hope you have a wonderful time tonight.

Female 2: Careful, we tried for a peek upstairs and the man on duty is an ass.

Male 2: I should've taught him some manners. This party is a sham!

Female 3: I'm sure he's just doing his job. A party like this, anyone might have crept in.

Female 2: Excuse me, my cousin is a marquis!

Male 3: With the city getting worse.

Male 2: Yes, of course.

Female 3: Of course, I don't mean you. The people are desperate. And the Boyles are off...

Male 2: Nonsense. Waverly just hires officers from the Watch to impress people.

Female 2: Your obsession with the Boyle women, will it never end?

Male 4: You smell like the streets. Been slumming it, have you?

Female 4: Did you hear about Mrs. Brimsley? You'll never believe this.

Male 5: What is it now?

Female 4: She had her jobber pick up a boy in the street, barely 16 years old, no family left.

Male 5: I thought her interests were confined to her family.

Female 4: I think she ran out of family a while ago.

Male 5: What's it all about? And how do you know this?

Female 4: My servants heard it from hers, naturally. They were sexual rites, I can only assume.

Lady Boyle: Welcome to my party. I don't believe you've had the pleasure.

Male 5: Ridiculous! What sort of hygiene is that?

Female 4: It's a ritual for the Outsider. To keep them safe.

Male 5: Emma! You could get her sent to the Abbey.

Female 4: Nobody that rich gets sent anywhere they don't want. The Brimsleys made an awful lot of money this past century. Makes you wonder if those rituals work.

Lady Boyle: I trust you're behaving yourself.

Male 5: What happened to the boy?

Female 4: I hear he enjoyed himself very much, for a while.

Guard 3: Welcome to the Boyle Estate. Careful. The wall of light is a gift from the Lord Regent, designed to keep his good friends safe. I doubt you qualify.

Servant 1: Anything you need, sir?

Guard 3: Please move along.

Servant 2: What can I get for you? Good evening.

Male 6: That's quite a mask. Are you on the guest list?

Female 5: Whoo! Scary mask.

Female 6: You, a gentleman?

Male 7: I'd like you to know I was gentleman in any given situation.

Ella: Oh hello. I'm Ella. Enjoy the party, if you can.

Female 7: Go ahead, help yourself. I take everything I can. You'll never miss it.

Male 7: You don't look familiar, and I know everyone.

Female 7: You're a scandal in that mask. I like a man with poor judgment.

Female 8: Doing all right there?

Female 7: Would you get me a drink? I'd be so grateful.

Male 8: What most people don't remember is, the rats came a half year before the Empress died. And the plague, too.

Male 9: Are you sure? That's not how I remember it.

Female 7: Come and entertain me. Thank you so much. Now, how can I thank you? Are you playing Lady Boyle's game? Well, I know for a fact that Waverly is in red tonight. Additionally Lydia is in white.

Male 10: We found out what the whales could do and it made us an empire.

Male 11: Cunning costumes, but there must be a way to guess. They say Lydia's the sloppy one, and Waverly's a prude. Or is it the other way round? If only I could peek upstairs for clues.

Female 1: What do you think of this place? Think how much money they must have! And I've heard this is nothing compared to what's in the basement vault. I hear the key is upstairs in one of the bedrooms. If I could get it, I wouldn't even hesitate!

Servant 3: Anything you need, sir?

Female 8: You saw him too? An unfortunate laugh to take.

Guard 4: No guests to pass this point.

Servant 4: What can I get for you? Doing all right there?

Guard 5: Okay, move it along.

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