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Dishonored Walkthrough Part 35 - Chapter 6

Check out part 35 and become the ultimate assassin in this first-person stealth title from Arkane Studios, Dishonored.


Lady Boyle: I trust you're on the guest list.

Man: Later we should meet for a stroll.

Woman: Try Ms.White in the moth mask. So many choices tonight.

Man: Evening, sir.

Lord Brisby: I know your mission tonight. We must speak privately.

Woman: You seem interesting. I love that mark on the back of your hand.

Lord Brisby: I'm a friend of Pendleton's and I've done a few things for your cause. I know your purpose here tonight, and how to say this? Your target is the woman I love. I swear that if you bring her to me unharmed you will never hear of her again. There's a cellar directly below the kitchen I'll wait for you there. I'm not proud of this but surely it's better than seeing her killed. Her name is Lydia. I won't harm her, I swear. I'm a man of means. Just bring her to the cellar and I will keep her safe with me. Forever.

Woman: Tell me have you learned anything more?

Man: You should see this as an opportunity.

Woman: Welcome to the party.

Man: To what? Learn a trade. Hold on, I need a cigar.

Woman: Enjoy yourself.

Man: Things are bad. Could this city get any worse?

Man: Chances are very good.

Lady Boyle: Do you think the high overseer will come? That would be such a bore.

Woman: Enjoying yourself?

Lady Boyle: Society isn't what it was. What a deliciously sinful mask. I do love parties.

Man: A contest of honor will take place between this anonymous gentleman acting for the challenger, Lord Trever Pendleton and Lord Shaw, the challenged party. You will each turn and proceed to the marked positions and remain facing away from each other as I count down from three. You may then turn and fire at...

Lord Shaw: Get on with it. I'll kill this fool and we can all go back inside.

Man: Sorry, my Lord, we shall proceed. Stop stand right there. Three, two, one. Impossible! And that's another patron dead. What do we now?

Man: It's lucky we're in demand. I hear the Estermont's pay top coin. No use trying them tonight. Let's see if we can find a little brandy. Let the Boyle's clean up the mess.

Man: Things are bad. Could this city get any worse?

Man: Chances are very good.

Man: Indeed, I believe so. The second floor is off limits to guests if you want to know. Doesn't matter to me. You nobles can do what you want.

Man: Damn, how did I lose it?

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