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Dishonored Walkthrough Part 37 - Chapter 7

Check out part 37 and become the ultimate assassin in this first-person stealth title from Arkane Studios, Dishonored.


Samuel: Lord Pendleton said he would meet us here.

I'd check the wine cellar. Losing family gives a man a thirst.

Female voice: If they stood in a circle around the candles, and cut their hands to form their alliance, but the blood hissed as it touched the flames.

Loudspeaker: Attention Dunwall citizens, advanced privileges will be [inaudible 00:01:23]

Man: I trust you enjoyed the Boyles hospitality.

Lord Pendleton: Corvo, you never cease to amaze. We did it, and now we've done away with a woman, and a noblewoman at that. But Boyle was a viper. She helped the Lord Regent kill the Empress, so I don't feel a thing for her. Personally, I heard you upheld my name in a rather spectacular style, and at some risk to yourself. I want to thank you for it.

This little item has been helpful to my family over the generations. But I think you'll find more use for it then I ever will.

Go on, take it. You've had a long night, Corvo, but I fear it's not over. Havelock and Martin have already cooked up something more for you. They would like to see you now in Havelock's chamber above the ball.

Loudspeaker: Attention Dunwall citizens the street's adjacent to Boyle Manor remain off-limits, pending an ongoing investigation.

Havelock: Corvo, the time has come. Everything we have done, everything that you have done has served to make this moment possible.

Martin: The Lord Regent is exposed, Corvo. Vulnerable, and now everything's in place to strike at him. We're one step from the throne.

Havelock: One man. One beating heart is all that's left of the forces that brought this city to the brink of ruin.

Martin: It is simple, but it will be far from easy. The Lord Regent's paranoia has reached an all time high. He has lost the support of the overseers, the parliament, his financial base, and he's lost Sokolov who made his security technology. So at Dunwall tower, he's consolidated every remaining loyal man around him.

Havelock: He knows something's coming. He knows you are coming, and everything depends on him being correct. The arrow will help you prepare. Then Samuel will take you close to the tower, near the waterline. Last time you were there was the horrible day that all of this started. Now you will go there, and end it. Good luck, Corvo.

Martin: I'm not sure what else we could say, other than our hopes are riding on you.

Callista: Corvo, Emily's hiding again. It started as a game, but it's turned into her way of teasing me. If you see her, will you send her back to me? It's time for her studies.

Emily: Shh. Don't make any sound. I'm hiding from Callista. It's a game we like to play. I remember playing hide and seek with you too. I don't know why it's so much fun to hide from her. Here, this was at the edge of the river, in the mud. I put it under my pillow for good luck, but it gave me bad dreams. You can have it, as a present. I suppose I'll do my lessons now. Hiding gets boring after a while, anyway.

Samuel: Ready to face the Lord Regent? About time we took care of him, I'd say. Long past time.

This is it, Corvo.Your last memories of Dunwall Tower might not be good ones, huh? So maybe you can make up for what happened back then. It's gonna be a bit of a climb from the waterlock. The most important thing is killing the Lord Regent. Built himself quite a place at the top of the tower. Calls it his safe room or something. Crazy, if you ask me. Another point of interest without giving you the grand tour, Corvo. Broadcast control station here, where all them announcements come from, might be worth looking into. Ready? Next time I see you, the Lord Regent will be dead, and if not...Well, it was an honor to serve with you.

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