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Dishonored Walkthrough Part 38 - Chapter 7

Check out part 38 and become the ultimate assassin in this first-person stealth title from Arkane Studios, Dishonored.


Announcer: Attention, Dunwall Tower personnel. All new assignments, report directly to the Duty Officer.

Corvo: Stupid rats, plague, elixir. Bunch of crap.

Male 1: [inaudible 00:02:10]...stupid god damn...

Male 2: Ah ha!

Male 3: Bastard! You won't stay hidden for long! I'll find you!

Male 4: Bastard furry filth!

Male 5: Ha! Little bastard.

Male 6: You can't stay hidden forever! I know you're here!

Male 7: I know you're somewhere around here. Oh, I'll find you. I'll find you, you hag fish! I'll flush you out! I know you're here. Keep running!

Male 8: I need more men!

Male 9: Get around him!

Male 10: Ah ha! Bastard!

Male 11: You won't stay hidden for long. I'll find you!

Male 12: Bastard furry filth!

Male 13: Ha! You little bastard!

Male 14: You can't stay hidden forever!

Regent: Your report, General Tobias?

Tobias: Everything is secure on the grounds, Lord Regent.

Regent: It won't hurt to check again. I'm going to head down and retire to my...

Tobias: Begging your pardon, sir. But I think it would be best if you stay in your safe room on the roof for now.

Regent: I need the comfort of my own bed tonight. Of course, you and your men can handle the Tower security, double the guard if you have to. Come see me before you finish your rounds.

Tobias: Yes, as you wish, Lord Regent. I'm heading up. Keep this area secure, and use that alarm if there's any sign of trouble.

Male 15: Yes, sir. Stupid god damn...

Male 16: Ah. Think you'll get your own squad after what happened last night?

Male 17: Yes, of course.

Announcer: ...directive from the Lord Regent himself. We must all try... The Lord Regent would like to remind us that all curfews will be enforced without exception. Citizens on the streets after curfew will be treated as hostile. The Lord Regent bids each and every citizen of Dunwall a pleasant night.

Propaganda Officer (Announcer): Please...please don't hurt me! You're here to kill the Regent, aren't you? Spare my life, and I can help you beat him. He makes recordings on audiograph, secrets...some that would destroy him if others heard. Try it on this amplifier. His confessions would be broadcast throughout the city! He'll be ruined!

The audiograph card you want is in a safe in the Lord Regent's room. But...I was able to see the combination over his shoulder. Nine-three-five. Trust me, what's recorded on that card will do the trick. Good luck.

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