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Dishonored Walkthrough Part 46 - Chapter 8

Check out part 46 and become the ultimate assassin in this first-person stealth title from Arkane Studios, Dishonored.


Survivor 1: I can't...see anything. I must in a basement?

Survivor 2: There's no hospital, I told you that. You think they round up people because there's a cure?

Survivor 1: They're city guards! They're....supposed protect people!

Survivor 2: They did. They protect the healthy people from people like us. The sick ones.

Survivor 1: I'm not...that bad. Some people pull through. Right? Don't they?

Survivor 2: One in a thousand. Ten thousand, probably.

Survivor 1: Any chance...I'll take...When I get out of here...and get better...I'm going to do right this time. A fresh start. This time...

Survivor 2: Goodbye, my boy. Strange. You don't look ill. You're not a victim of a guard. A from a void, maybe. Another wagon comes every few minutes. How many do you think have died? They say a third of the city. I wouldn't believe it. But I saw the mountain of corpses myself. They dropped us in it. I don't blame them. I know why they do it. But I only wanted to die at home.

Alfa: Get back! What the hell are you? You some new kind of guard? Like a tallboy? Can't be. Doctor, maybe? Ha, just kidding. Assassin, maybe. Passing through, huh? Hoping to catch a ride on the plague wagon? A few came through here, trying. And they fall and break their necks. But that won't stop you. You're almost there. It's pretty easy to get to the rooftops from here. You'll see the way.

What do you want from me? To rob me? Looking for a quick roll in the mud? To rescue me? Well I am not going anywhere. I came here all on my own, and I am staying right here.

Do you think it's better out there? I hate to break it to you, but this is it. This is Dunwall, what you see right here. Flooded District, Estate District - all going to be the same soon.

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