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Dishonored Walkthrough Part 48 - Chapter 8

Check out part 48 and become the ultimate assassin in this first-person stealth title from Arkane Studios, Dishonored.


Granny Rags: I'm going to boil off the nasty fat and sinew and carve a pretty song on your bones.

Slackjaw: Hey! Someone kill this crazy witch, I can make you rich!

Granny Rags: Quiet now. Granny needs to concentrate.

Slackjaw: Don't kill me!

Granny Rags: There's my love. Are you ready to help get Slackjaw's bones? Granny has some birthday gifts for you. I've been saving them up, in case you ever came back me.

Slackjaw: Masked man, best that you showing up down here. Look at the pickle I'm in. Word is all over the street about your little secret, Corvo. You're the one that hacks the Empress. Make sense why you run around wearing hat mask. Maybe you could help me out since we're friends and all. Look around. There's a cameo of a young girl. It's her! Destroy it with the furnace! Says in one o' her books it's the only way to get rid of her forever!

Granny Rags: You think you're going to save him? He's not worth it! Now Granny is going to kill you just like all the others! What will I write on your skull? That you were a fool!? Shield me, ocean fogs! Shield me! It's...

Slackjaw: Want to know something funny? When we were kids, we were all scared of Granny Rags. Thought she was a terrible witch! Then we grew up and figured she was just a sad old lady. We were right the first time. Now, ain't that funny? I owe you. This won't even the score, but it's all I got left. Luck to you, Corvo.

Outsider: You find your way into such interesting places, Corvo. At the eye of the storm, raging between Granny Rags and this man who has lived his whole life with a cleaver in one hand and a bottle in the other. Crawling out of those flooded ruins, winding your way back to the pub where you last saw Emily? Where is she now? How does it feel now, knowing your allies betrayed you? Strange how there's always a little more innocence left to lose. And Daud, you just killed the greatest assassin of the age. Did you do it for love of the Empress or Emily? Or was it the prime of desire to rise above other men? Do you even know why?

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