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Dishonored Walkthrough Part 49 - Chapter 9

Check out part 49 and become the ultimate assassin in this first-person stealth title from Arkane Studios, Dishonored.


Cecelia: Please, no. Oh, it's you, Corvo. I thank the stars. We all thought you've been killed, except for Samuel. He seemed sure you'd survive. I saw him on the river shortly before the killing began. He was smart enough not to come ashore. But I'll bet he's still out there, looking for you is my guess.

Havelock called us into the yard, but I wasn't feeling well. I just watched from the attic. The Admiral brought his cutlass. He stuck Wallace through the eye with it. Then he did Lydia. Callista, he shot in the back with his pistol. Emily saw it all. Havelock kept yelling something about the things he'd done and how no one could ever know. Pendleton wouldn't even look anyone in the face.

They said it was time for Sokolov and went off to his cage. I don't know what happened after that. Emily was there when the killing started, poor child. I hope she hid her eyes. This can't happen. Stop it!

I thought Lydia would squeal on me at the end. She just told Havelock to screw himself, and died. Lydia is the only one who ever showed me any kindness. I don't think the Admiral actually knew I existed.

Guard 1: That's what a rational person would do, not this guy. You have to understand the criminal mind. I hear they had to hide the Kaldwin girl from him the whole time they were working with him. I heard they locked him in a cage and only let him out at night.

Guard 2: The criminal mind, huh? So what's he doing now.

Guard 1: Waiting. He's probably watching us right now. With that crazy mask on, creeping closer, and closer, ever closer, until...

Guard 2: Cut it out! What's so impressive about Corvo, anyway. Who's he gone up against? A couple of High Overseers, a couple of noblemen? He could never stand up to men with our training.

Guard 1: Well, now I do hope he shows up. I want to see you run crying for the cover of the Tallboys out back.

Guard 2: Like you were, the other night?

Guard 1: What was I supposed to do, stand there and get hit by rocks?

Guard 2: They were just kids.

Guard 1: They were a gang! I hope Lord Regent Havelock sends the Tallboys in to level the place. It's going to be a new era.

Guard 2: Having a 10-year-old on the throne isn't going to cure the plague.

Guard 1: High Overseer Martin says it will. He says we were cursed when the Empress died by Corvo's black magic, and the rats are never going to leave until we had a real Kaldwin back. He says the Outsider follows Corvo around.

Guard 2: There's some curse on this city, that's for sure. I'm still trying to forget working in the Flooded District.

Announcer: Attention Dunwall Citizens: With sad hearts, the City Watch must announce the death of the Lord Regent, Hiram Burrows. May his spirit fade from this world and suffer no more.

Officer 1: Our men are still trying to penetrate the workshop. Closed up tight. We think Piero Jopin's inside. That crackpot natural philosopher.

Officer 2: There is evidence that Anton Sokolov was held here against his will for some time. We can't determine what happened to him.

Officer 1: I'll bet my commission he's in that building with Piero Joplin. If so, arrest him. But I do not want him harmed until I can get to the bottom of this.

Officer 2: Should we gather for whiskey ans cigars tonight?

Officer 1: Careful. The place may be boobytrapped, and I want him alive.

Officer 2: Yes, of course.

Officer 1: Yes sir. The servants were all executed shortly before we arrived. Looks like a naval cutlass, and a small-bore pistol. Looks like Corvo ran amok before he left.

Officer 2: Turn this building inside out. And it goes without saying, this area is sealed. Stilt walkers at all points. And stay vigilant, Corvo's the most dangerous man in the Empire now, and he has nowhere else to go.

Officer 1: Never thought he'd bother us again. I guess he holds a grudge. It might be worth checking out.

Officer 3: Get out, right now!

Officer 4: Shout if you see him.

Officer 5: He's here!

Piero: It's refreshing to converse with someone on my level.

Sokolov: I couldn't agree more. Your expulsion from the Academy was a crime against natural philosophy itself.

Piero: Which you might have pointed out at the time. But it's pointless to hold a grudge. I want to ask you...

Sokolov: About the elixir, yes. And I need to discuss your tonic. Why have you not tried the homeopathic solution?

Piero: And where am I to find the subjects? I can't recruit from the prisons as you do.

Sokolov: Corvo, good to see that you still breathe. This city would not be the same if you were not with us. I've completed Piero's work on the arc pylon, but only just.

Piero: With this device, we can send a powerful electrical signal through the nervous system, merely rendering our enemies unconscious. Or they can be reduced to ashes.

I have attuned it so that we will be safe from the functions of the device. It will only trigger in the presence of our enemies. This arc pylon is more powerful than the older design. It will function at a greater range, striking down our foes, while ignoring us. I need my final sequence, which is recorded in the blueprint for this device. Havelock was inspecting it before the killing started. Return the blueprint to me. It was in his bedroom before he left. Hopefully it's still there.

You may navigate the fields of battle with ease, but Sokolov and I are not as gifted in the same way. Without the arc pylon, it is only a matter of time before they put an end to us. We can get this device working, or you can go out and remove our enemies one by one, whichever you think is best.

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