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Dishonored Walkthrough Part 50 - Chapter 9

Check out part 50 and become the ultimate assassin in this first-person stealth title from Arkane Studios, Dishonored.


Guard 1: Look out. Got something scoping around. Let's just see what happen if I get another crack at this guy.

Guard 2: I'll write to her again, she has to see reason.

Guard 3: Hey, wake up! Hear me?

Havelock: I hereby claim the titles of Grand Admiral of the Fleet, and Supreme Commander of the Combined Armies of the Empire. As Lord Regent, I hereby appoint the Lord Trevor Pendleton to the office of Prime Minister.

Announcer: Attention Dunwall Citizens: You are required to remain indoors while preparations are made for the glorious ascension of Emily Kaldwin the First. Any disruption to public order will be treated as a threat to our sovereign. Thank you, and may this joyous day live in our memories forever.

Piero: The Arc Pylon is complete! Now to activate it!

Sokolov: With this device, we can send a powerful electrical signal through the nervous system, merely rendering our enemies unconscious. Or they can be reduced to ashes.

Piero: What is your opinion, Corvo? As you wish, Corvo. We will be far away before any of them regain their senses. All is ready, Corvo. All that remains is plugging in a whale oil tank to power it. Will you do the honors?

Sokolov: When this Arc Pylon is charged, no one will dare come near us.

Piero: Amazing. Simply amazing. It functioned beyond my greatest expectations. It defies description. A device like this will ensure Dunwall's security for a century!

Callista: Uncle Curnow! I hope you find this! I'm devastated. The girl I've been caring for is gone. Emily is her name. Yes, that Emily. Daughter to the Empress. She's gone. They took her away in a boat this morning. I don't know where, and her hair hadn't been combed. I worry, who will look after her? I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye. Uncle Curnow!

Samuel: Thought I'd find you here. It never pays to bet against you, does it? I saw the signal. I knew you'd be back, Corvo. I knew it. We should start off soon. I've been feeling something in my bones, and if it's plague, well, I can't be counted on to drive this boat much longer.

Good. Then it's one more trip across the river, to where it meets the sea. That's where the Lord Regent was building his new lighthouse. Ought to be something to see.

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