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How to Use a Hearing Aid

Learn how to use a hearing aid from Ronald A. Hoffman, M.D. in this Howcast video.


When an individual has a hearing loss that causes difficulty with communication and there's no other medical or surgical therapy available, we will often suggest the use of a hearing aid. Modern hearing aids are wonderful devices of technology that reflect everything that we enjoy every day in our stereo systems and our iPods and our cameras and our televisions. All of this phenomenal digital technology can now be wrapped up into a tiny little amplifier that you can either wear in your ear or behind your ear.

Hearing aids do not always restore hearing to normal, but they almost always make hearing better and often will restore hearing to normal. Hearing aids are quite comfortable to wear and come in many different sizes and shapes and varieties. And if you're thinking that you need a hearing aid, you should either see your ear, nose and throat physician or a licensed audiologist who can do appropriate hearing tests and discuss with you the various types of hearing aids that are available.

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